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How Omer Got to $185K Sales In His Dropshipping Store Using ZIK Analytics & PriceBackers

Omer Ashkenazi

12 Oct 2021

What would $185K in Sales in just a few months mean to you?


In this article, I would like to share with you my journey on how I got to $185k sales in my dropshipping store using ZIK Analytics and Pricebackers software, and how these two AMAZING softwares really helped my dropshipping business become profitable.

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My name is Omer Ashkenazi, from Israel. I am the CEO of PriceBackers, a software for eCommerce dropshippers. After a long trip to South America a few years ago, I came back to my hometown and needed to figure out what my next step would be.

I wanted to learn something new in the business industry. The things that stood out to me were real estate or eCommerce. I chose the latter because I am really fascinated by eCommerce.


How I got started on my dropshipping journey


What is dropshipping? To strengthen my knowledge, I attended courses from some reputable agencies to learn about eCommerce. However, I realized that I didn't know enough about dropshipping. To bridge the gap, I went online and learned as much as I could from other people in the eCommerce industry through Instagram, YouTube, Facebook groups, and any information that I could get my hands on.


I began my journey on mys eBay dropshipping business approximately 5 years ago. I used Home Depot and Walmart as my main source for my eBay store and Amazon store for my dropshipping business.


Dropshipping with ZIK Analytics


While selling on eBay, I was thinking of useful software that could help me find winning products. In my search, I found ZIK Analytics for my product research. I used it every single time I was looking for profitable products to dropship.


I did this all by myself at the start, and then when I was ready to scale up, I hired a Virtual Assistant to do most of the tasks for me using ZIK Analytics.


How to use ZIK Analytics?


ZIK Analytics is a product research software. It is an amazing tool that allowed me to build a profitable eBay store. I mainly use the “competitor research” feature inside of ZIK Analytics and set my criteria to “3-5 sales in the last 14-21 days”. This criteria allows me to find profitable products that sell well, and ZIK Analytics makes it very simple to do.


This tool allows eBay sellers to find winning products to generate sales and make a profit dropshipping.


increase sales levels


What I found great about ZIK Analytics is that this software allows for product research automation with the new ZIK Autopilot upgrade. If you, like me are focused on scaling your store and you don't have enough time to find products by yourself, this is just for you!


This tool was a lifesaver for me, as it meant that I could keep my busy schedule but still make my dropshipping dream come true!


Benefits of ZIK Analytics



benefits of zikanalytics


If you don't have enough time to find products by yourself, ZIK Analytics the solution for you to help you find profitable products.  This becomes especially true if you are scaling your stores. Say for instance, you have 5 or more stores – doing this research yourself will be quite time consuming.


Instead, using the ZIK Autopilot tool, you can fully automate this part of your business, making filling your multiple stores with profit pulling products much easier.


The team at ZIK have put a lot of effort into making the results that the tool pulls back comparable to actually having a VA (virtual assistant) manually doing the research for you. Want to take it a step further? You can actually hire VA’s to manage this entire part of your business for you using the software, taking your product research and productivity to a whole new level!


Furthermore, you can have them work on product optimization, processing orders, customer service and more. This is what I did to scale my stores, and I haven’t looked back since!


How does ZIK Analytics work for me?


ZIK Analytics really works for me in my dropshipping business. I can upload between 50-100 products a day, ranging in the $50-$400 price range. The profits are great, and the time spent to list a product is easily offset by the the long term income that I can generate from listing hot products.


I do title optimization for each product and create offers, promoted listings, and more for my eBay business. I believe in listing a lot of products, as this is a numbers game for me. 


I NEVER get emotionally attached to a product, instead I let the numbers talk for me. If a product has good metrics, I will upload it! To be a successful dropshipper, you always need to add hot products, and delete products that are not performing well. This software makes that process much simpler!


Profitable brands at Walmart and Home Depot to dropship 


Using ZIK Analytics, you will have no issue finding profitable products to add to your stores. There is however another way to use the tool along with Pricebackers to add even more income to the products that you are selling on eBay.


Below are a list of brands that we love to sell from Walmart and Home Depot, whereby we dropship these items from either Walmart or Home Depot to eBay and use the cash back system that either of these platforms offer to actually make significant profits.


Below are a list of brands that have done extremely well for us, which are readily searched in ZIK Analytics to be drop shipped from Walmart or Home Depot.


profitable dropshipping brands



How does Pricebackers help dropshippers make more profit?


The dropshipping business can be wildly profitably if you use the right method and software. Pricebackers allows you to supercharge your profits by taking advantage of the cash back offers that some retailers offer.


It however is becoming increasingly harder to use cash back offers when dropshipping, but doing this can be the difference of being profitable in your store or not.

We call this “Back End Profits”. When I first came across this method, I was obsessed and tried every method that I could to get more back end profits to increase my dropshipping income at every chance that I could.


This obsession lead to me developing PriceBackers, a software dedicated to drop shippers who are looking to increase their dropshipping profits by using various cashback offers.


How did Pricebackers Start?


As I mentioned above, pricebackers started for me as an obsession to squeeze the most profit out of my dropshipping store. As time went on, I introduced the tool to a few friends, and they couldn’t believe the opportunities that PriceBackers opened up for them!


They became my first customers, and are still using it to this day to put their dropshipping business on turbo charge


pricebackers and zikanalytics


PriceBackers software gives dropshippers to the opportunity earn profits on their purchases. It generates refunds on profit reimbursement automatically to customers. Currently, we support Walmart, Home Depot, and Target.


We will be adding more retailers soon! The tool has three functions:


  • Price drop - You bought an item on Home Depot for $100. After a while, the price decreased from $100 to $80. As some retailers have a price drop guarantee, our system will monitor for these drops and request a refund for you when this situation occurs.
  • Price match - Similar to the option above,  if you purchase an item on home depot for $100 for example, but the price on Walmart is $80, our tool will flag this for you and request a price match on your behalf.

  • Late shipment - Another form of cashback is late shipments. If an order is delayed from your retailer for any reason and they have the late shipment reimbursement option, we will monitor and request this for you.


How does PriceBackers work?


We hook up directly to your gmail account, and monitor it for receipts from Walmart, Home Depot or any of our other supported retailers. We pull the orders into our system and process them and send the refunds directly from the retailer to you.


Please note, just because we scan your email for these receipts, we DO NOT read your emails, nor do we have permission to. We do keep track of your orders, so if you want to go back and look at your order history for up to 90 days, we will store that in our system for you.


How much does Pricebackers Charge?


We don’t work on a subscription model, instead we work on a flat 30% commission structure applied to all refunds. This way, we only make money if we are making you money.


It works like this. If you earn $100, we charge $30. We like to keep the fees simple and this way, it will cost you nothing to keep us on board if we are NOT doing our job.


The software gets to work on your behalf. It picks up all of the offers that you might miss, or even thought to look for. Once this happens, we simply have them deposit the money directly into your account. The whole process is super smooth, and completely hands off for you.


PriceBackers Review: What do customers think of PriceBackers?


PriceBackers Review


The common thing that we have heard from our customers that this software was “too good to be true”. We understand the skepticism, however we can assure you that this stuff works!


We understand that PriceBackers software is very valuable to dropshippers, and we want to make it easy to work with us to help you earn more money.

How to get started in PriceBackers?


Getting started in PriceBackers is very simple!

  • Sign up with your Gmail account that you have connected to Home Depot or Walmart, and your PayPal payment account.
  • The PriceBackers team tracks your order’s receipt directly through your email.
  • You keep rocking your business as you normally do.
  • Our team starts finding fast cash for you from every purchase.


PriceBackers follows up and reports on price drops and matches for every order you place. You will see refunds on your dashboard software in 2 to 3 days. 


NOTE, we can request refunds as far as 90 days back for Home Depot and 30 days back for Walmart. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by using our software.

PriceBackers is a cashback solution that is designed to be hands off for you. If you dropship for a living, this could add $1000’s to your bottom line!


Let's sum it up


This article was my journey to 185K in sales, and how I developed PriceBackers in the process. Truth be told, I can’t believe that I have gotten here myself!


However with the power of ZIK Analytics and PriceBackers, the journey became much easier and automated, which made my success inevitable – just like I believe it can do for you!