what to sell on eBay in March 2022

21 Trending Products to Sell on eBay in March

Running a successful eBay store requires careful research and insight into the market’s needs. A dropshipper needs to understand what products are trending, be equipped to sell them and have the commitment needed to succeed.

Product research is indispensable to a profitable ecommerce business. It helps you ensure that you are only stocking top selling items that are guaranteed to sell. Therefore, it is very crucial that every retailer start with product research when selling items on eBay.

If you’ve been trying to find the best selling products to dropship this month, look no further. In this article, we will cover the top 21 products to sell on eBay in March 2022.  Offering these trending and in-demand items in your store will help you hit your profit target.

Let’s discover what makes these products popular in the market, starting from the top.


Top 21 eBay Products to Sell in March

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Athletic Shoes



According to Statista, the global market for athletic footwear is about $60,853 million and is projected to grow by an annual rate of 8.11%. Demand for athletic shoes usually grows during springtime due to the increase in the number of people running and hiking. A lot of shoes sold on eBay are pre-owned and most buyers go for comfort over style.

When it comes to shoes, the most popular items are Sneakers and Running shoes made by well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma. This product has sales earnings of $1,176,720 and the average cost of these best-selling Men’s Athletic shoes is $53.09.

The market for athletic shoes is quite competitive and is dominated by established brands. You need to have a very attractive product offer to stand out.





GlobeNewswire reported that the worldwide chainsaw market is projected to grow to about $5 billion by 2030 from around 3.4 billion in 2020. A chainsaw is a mechanical cutting tool with teeth mounted on a chain that moves around the edge of a blade. Chainsaws are mainly used in tree felling. Cordless chainsaws and pole chainsaws are popular on eBay.

To discover saws that are worth selling, you’ll have to monitor a LOT of auctions. However, if you are persistent enough, you may be able to find some bargains.

Chainsaws have a sales earnings of $235,559 and an average product price of $148.38. 90% of listings in this category are successful.






The third category of best selling items to sell in March is drills or power tools in general. The power drill market has experienced steady growth due to innovations in the industry in recent years. Demand for drills and power tools is bound to skyrocket in the spring and summer seasons. Cordless drills are preferred for their portability and ease of use.

Drills have a sales earnings of $197,161 and an average product price of $69.89. Successful listings in this product category are about 70%, making drills one of the best items to sell this month.


LED Flashlight



Rechargeable LED flashlights are top selling products on eBay. This niche is filled with rip offs and counterfeits, so you need to be relatively experienced or work with an expert. That’s because customers in this category are looking for excellent performance and durability.


Rechargeable LED flashlights have a total sales earnings of $123,858 and an average product price of $13.2.


Outdoor Furniture



Selling furniture can be quite lucrative on eBay, especially when you sell unique, eclectic items. Demand tends to fluctuate throughout the year but it is quite high during the spring months. Wicker sets and garden furniture are popular on eBay, recently.


Outdoor furniture has an overall sales earnings of $60,344 and an average product price of $286.68.





Mops are one of the best products to sell in March because of the rise in demand for spring cleaning items. A mop is used to clean floors, walls, and other surfaces in order to remove dust or for other cleaning purposes. Customers are looking for eco-friendly, lightweight microfiber cleaning mops of excellent quality.


Mops have a sales earnings of $52,001 and an average product price of $21.4. You can check these items because they have been sold a couple of times already


Outdoor Tents


According to the IMARC group, the global camping tent industry exceeded $2.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $3.87 billion by 2027, experiencing an annual growth rate of 6.87% from 2022 to 2027.


A camping tent is a temporary, portable shelter primarily used for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, hunting, and camping. Demand for outdoor tents is expected to rise this spring with an increase in outdoor activities.


Tents that are compact, cost-effective, and easy to assemble are in demand on eBay. Party tents for weddings and birthdays are also popular on eBay. Outdoor tents have a sales earnings of $50,855 and an average product price of $69.6.


Fire Pit


Demand for fire pits tends to increase sharply in the Spring months of March through May. An outdoor fire pit serves to provide the ambiance and warmth of a fire without the risk of burning wood. Fire pits can be used in lawns, gardens, patios, and for outdoor dinner parties. Gas fire pits and patio fire pits are popular on eBay.


456 items were sold in this category over the last 30 days. Fire pits have an overall sales earnings of $50,187 and an average product price of $96.23. The top item in this category has been sold 59 times.


Electric Barbeque



A lot of outdoor cooking is going to be done in the spring months. Since an electric grill is the healthiest way to cook food outdoors, there is going to be a considerable increase in demand.


Standing and Countertop grills are among the best-selling types of electric grills on eBay. Items in this category have a total sales earnings of $40,029 and an average product price of $84.65.


Portable Power Stations


Portable power stations are growing in demand across the world due to the growing electric vehicle industry, public sector uncertainties and tourism.


A portable power station is a rechargeable battery-powered inverter generator that comes equipped with different outlets such as USB charging ports, standard 120v ports and DC charging ports. Portable power stations can charge your smartphones, laptops and appliances like coffee makers and electric grills.


Electricity is generated in a matter of seconds using portable power stations. Portable power stations that are compact, high-quality and very durable are in-demand on eBay.


This category has a total sales earnings of $35,934 and an average product price of $205.21. You should do your own research on the products if you would like to sell.


Clear Safety Glasses



Safety glasses are protective eyewear that cover the eye area and protect them from various hazards. They are useful to people who work or play outdoors and have to protect their field of vision from bright sunlight as it impacts their ability to focus. Dust is also a major concern for people who buy safety glasses. Demand for clear safety glasses is expected to rise to prevent harm caused by harmful UV rays, liquid splashes and flying objects.


Safety glasses have a sales earnings of $35,054 and an average product price of $8.81.


Sewing Machine



Sewing machines are number twelve on the list of top products to sell on eBay. Sewing machines and sewing materials such as fabrics, shearing tools, dryer sheets, etc. are popular on eBay. Customers are very interested in portable and electric sewing machines.

Items in this category have a combined sales earnings of $28,974 and an average product price of $62.46. You can check on the list below and see which one would you want to sell


Leather Work Gloves

Leather work gloves serve to protect your hands from harmful exposure to heat, cold and impact. Leather work gloves are used for landscaping, metalworking and woodworking. Cowhide and pigskin gloves are in demand on eBay.


Leather work gloves have an overall sales earnings of $23,741 and an average product price of $16.27. This is a great item to have in store.


Garden Hose



Garden hoses are employed for gardening, lawn care and car washing. They come in different sizes, nozzle shapes, and may have special features.


This category has a sales earnings of $18,321 and an average product price of $20.32. Over one thousand items has been sold in the last thirty days.


The demand for garden hoses is constant year round  People tend to look at durability and length so those are great things to keep in mind. You should take note of the products that tend to repeat.


Emergency Survival Kit



For people going fishing, camping and hiking, an emergency survival kit is essential. Since these outdoor recreational activities are bound to increase in the coming months, a  survival kit is a great item to stock in your store. This has a sales earnings of $16,542 and an average product price of $21.26. On the list below, you can see a lot of different products.


Outdoor Playground

At number sixteen, we have outdoor playgrounds. Outdoor playgrounds are an avenue of fun and entertainment for children. Slides and swing sets are most popular outdoor playground equipment. This is a great item to stock throughout spring and summer.


Playgrounds have a sales earnings of $16,348 and an average product price of $189.92. This is something you can dropship from Walmart or AliExpress.


Window Wipers



With the increase in rainfall rates across the country, window wipers can be an invaluable item to have in stock. Windshield wipers are devices that move back and forth across the windshield as they sweep water away. They are used in front and back windshields and even car headlights to remove dirt, water, and snow.


There are several different types of window wipers with different applications. You can find different kinds of window wipers for cars, home windows, and specific wipers for car models.

Sales earnings are $13,500 and the average product price is $19.5.


Camping Chairs

Camping chairs are considered essential equipment for campers and backpackers. They are often light, foldable, and can fit inside camping bags. They are easy to transport and convenient for outdoor adventures. They tend to vary in price, size, color and are usually made to suit different demographics. The more pricey camping chairs are often more comfortable, sturdy, and last longer.


Camping chairs tend to be in high demand throughout spring and summer. So, be sure to have these items in stock. They have a sales earnings of $13,422 and an average product price of $30.75.


Mason Jars


Masons Jars are another great item to sell in March. Mason jars are used for storing, canning food items, packaging, and baking. Mason jars on eBay come in bundle packages and have various size specifications.


Mason Jars have a sales earnings of $11,593 and an average product price of $20.88. Most buyers of mason jars are interested in affordability.


St. Patrick’s Day




This is a category of items that are definitely going to see a surge in popularity this month. Shamrock placemats, garden flags, and St. Patrick’s Day-themed clothing are the most in-demand items in this category.


On the list of items, there are a lot of decorative products. The average product price for items in this category is $11.82 and the overall sales earnings is $2,455.


Beer Mug


The last item to sell on eBay in March is beer mugs. Vintage beer mugs of different types, styles, and sizes are popular on eBay. Demand for beer mugs is expected to rise in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day. Overall sale earnings for beer mugs are $1,223 and the average selling price is $17.76.



Well, that’s it. You now have a complete list of the best items to dropship in March 2022. Now, you have an idea of products to sell to maximize your sales and revenue this month.

Do note that product research is an ongoing process and current trends will not last forever. Regular product research is critical to the success of your e-commerce store. Watch the trends, observe your competition, average sales price, best selling brands, duplicate what works, market your items effectively and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.



You can easily find trending products via Google Trends. Google Trends shows you the popularity of a search term or query. Since Google has the largest market share by far in the search engine industry, popular searches on Google are good pointers on trending items to sell.

However, the best way to make a refined product research on eBay is by using the ZIK Analytics Tool which helps you make data driven decisions on trending products to sell at a particular time.


What is the most profitable product categories to sell on eBay?

There is no one product that will yield the most profit on eBay. But you should keep a lookout for high-ticket items that you can buy for cheap and sell at a premium. The margin on a retail item is what determines its profitability. That being said, best selling items from the following categories tend to pull the most profit.

  • Vintage clothing: From the fashion category, vintage clothing tends to carry considerably high-profit margins. You can source your items from thrift stores or garage sales.
  • Pet supplies: Pet supplies are also one of the top selling eBay categories that yields high profits.
  • Health and Beauty Products: Health and beauty product categories generally sell at premium prices.
  • Legos: Selling Legos on eBay can net you a fair profit, especially best selling vintage sets, and mini-figures.
  • Musical Instruments: You can find popular musical instruments for practically nothing in garage sales and resell them for a profit on eBay.
  • Broken electronics: You can fix up busted electronics or sell them for spare parts at relatively high profit on Bay.
  • Antiques and collectibles. Disney collectibles often move quickly and can sell for a lot of money.


What are the Tips to Sell Faster on Bay?


  • Having a high eBay feedback score is essential for quickly increasing sales because buyers will judge you based on it. Customers will trust you more if you have a high feedback score than if you have a low feedback score. Provide outstanding customer service. You should provide professional customer service if you want to get a good rating on eBay. Make sure you respond quickly and that your messages are friendly and helpful.
  • Include eye-catching images of high quality. Place product listings with images that are both creative and realistic. Don’t take too professional pictures for eBay.
  • Make your listing more appealing by including free shipping. Actually, free shipping is a very important feature that many buyers consider before purchasing a product. For them, free shipping appears to be a discount, and they appreciate it. In reality, however, you can add the shipping costs as a premium to the sales price.
  • Product pricing should be more competitive, and dynamic re-pricing should be used. Because competition on eBay is primarily based on price, this is a critical factor. To price your products competitively, I recommend using automated product and market research tools such as ZIK Analytics which allow you to analyze relevant data points. With ZIK Analytics, will be able to assess real-time market prices on many eBay marketplaces, allowing you to price and re-price your listings competitively. Finally, this will almost certainly optimize your sales and allow you to sell faster.

Although these suggestions are useful, keep in mind that you will most likely not see an increase in sales overnight. This is a process that will take some time, but if you are patient, you will succeed.