5 simple steps to get more views on eBay

How to Get More Views on eBay: 5 Simple Steps

If you are an eBay seller, you are always seeking for ways and strategies to increase views on eBay. This is the first and most crucial element in your eBay SEO strategy, which increases your chances of generating sales from those views. With the continued rise to the top of the product based shopping model, it is important to consider how you can boost your performance on the eBay search engines to be able to help potential buyers find your products and generate more sales.

How to Get More Views on eBay with 5 Tips

There is no other online marketplace like eBay. It is one of the reigning platforms for those who are looking to make money by selling items online. With over 175 million active users, it should be easy to generate more sales from your eBay store, right?

Unfortunately, there is also a stiff level of competition on this online platform knowing how many sellers are out there vying for the buyers’ attention. You need to have a solid eBay catalogue of products and employ the best search engine optimization strategies to reach the top of the eBay search results.

Follow these tips and strategies to help you boost your eBay sales performance.

1. Optimize eBay Listing Titles



The first thing that eBay users see about your product is the title. When optimizing your eBay listings for the search engines, make sure that it is optimized with your target keyword. There is a character limit to the title for your eBay listing, so you have to make each character count. Choosing a well-optimized title will not only help eBay users know what the product is about, but it will also capture their attention.

Optimizing your listing title on your eBay store is a crucial component of a wining eBay SEO strategy. However, you must refrain from over-optimization or keyword stuffing. Human shoppers are weary about eBay sellers that spam on the product listing title. You would not want to drive your potential customers away by being too aggressive with your use of keyword in the title.

It is also important to review for potential grammatical or spelling errors. You want to project yourself as a seller of reputation. Therefore, any grammar or spelling errors can put off the customers. There are many tools online that you can use to review for these grammar and spelling mistakes that you might otherwise miss.

Speaking of tools, ZIK Analytics also has this title builder tool that you can use for optimizing your titles for eBay SEO. This tool enables you to come up with catchy yet well-optimized titles using essential keywords. It is a great tool to use for your newly listed items so you can get the product to show up on top of the search results on eBay.

2. Upload As Many High Quality Images as Possible


Uploading high quality images


The use of high quality images on your product listings is also something that you cannot underestimate if you want to increase your views on eBay. Photos are visual tools that you can use to your advantage if you want to attract more traffic and more sales to your eBay store.

The quality of your photos might not be as relevant to the SEO performance on eBay but it will directly impact your conversion rate. Integrate this tip with your current search engine optimization strategies to get your product on top of the search rankings. But even if you are on the top of the search results, it would be of no use if you use low quality photos of the products you are selling. Instead, your customers will be looking elsewhere to buy the product they are looking for.

Therefore, it is important to invest in high quality images that are professionally done. If you cannot afford professional lighting, use the techniques for taking product photos from the experts. Here are some tips to improve your product photography:

  • Use a tripod to prevent blurry pictures of the products.
  • Always opt for the highest resolution to get the best quality photos.
  • Use a clean backdrop so you can highlight the product during the shoot.
  • Take pictures outside or use natural lighting, if you cannot afford professional lighting.

It is also important to add that you must regularly upload your product photos. An outdated photo will no longer do its job of visually attracting customers and you could be losing money in the process.

3. Offer Free Shipping


Offer free shipping


eBay buyers do not like the idea of paying for the shipping of their items. Therefore, you can get more sales when you offer free shipping or offer eBay guarantee delivery on your store.

It’s not enough that you offer psychologically appealing prices on your products. The thought of paying for the shipping can still turn away some of your customers. The best way to get around this is to include the shipping costs into the asking price for your eBay listing. That way, you can highlight the free shipping offer on your product listing to attract more views without necessarily losing money or profit margin. Make sure you have a good pricing strategy and to research this step very well. The worst case scenario is that you offer free shipping to your customers and you end up losing money or making no profit at all. It is a tricky thing to balance, so make sure you get it done right.

The eBay guaranteed delivery is another way to entice your customers on eBay. This concept was started by Amazon when they offered guaranteed delivery to their shoppers. With eBay, there is a guaranteed delivery of around 3 days. Customers like it when they know exactly when they can expect to get their items, just as much as delayed shipments can result in negative reviews.

With free shipping and the guaranteed delivery listings, you can get more views and get protection from your customer refund requests.

4. Offer Promotions on Your eBay Store


Offering promotions on your eBay store


The use of eBay offers is another way that you can generate more views to your eBay store. The very best sellers on eBay have promotions all the time. Therefore, you can also use this same approach on your own eBay store to gain more views to your ebay listings.

There are plenty of ideas that you can use to increase views on your eBay store. For example, you can offer discounts when customers reach a certain amount of on their purchase. Make sure to calculate the minimum spend threshold for your customers that will enable you to offer the discount without losing money or while maintaining your profit margin.

Another idea to offer eBay rewards is to hold sales for specific holidays. This will increase views on eBay because many shoppers will look forward to these sale events during specific holidays.

There are many promotional strategies that you can use along with your search engine optimization strategies to gain more traffic to your online business on eBay. Some of these promotions will require you to keep track of and monitor data so you can evaluate which promotions are driving more sales to your eBay business.

5. Upload Products to the Correct Category


How to upload the products to the correct category


Choosing the right product category for your eBay listings is a crucial aspect of increasing views on your store. It will also help buyers find your products when they search on eBay.

Why is choosing the right category important? The algorithm of eBay uses the best match searches to recommend products for a given search term that was input by the users. They will take into account the product category where a certain product belongs in. Therefore, even if you have the right product that the user is looking for on eBay, the search engine won’t be recommending your product in the search results if it is listed in the wrong category.

Always take time to choose the right category for your eBay listing to exploit the match searches on eBay. In addition, you must avoid the use of unrelated keywords as this might confuse the search engine algorithm. Your products might show up on the results for a given term for the unrelated keyword, but you won’t be able to convert that since it was not what the user was looking for.

Adding products to the wrong category is one of the most common mistakes that an eBay seller makes when adding their products to their eBay catalogue. Make sure you do not commit the same mistake or else you could be losing money.

Choosing the right category is crucial when talking about international ecommerce. Imagine if you lose out on 100 sales per country for every misplaced item in your listings. Multiply that amount to the number of countries served by eBay globally; that is how much you are missing out on views and potential eBay sales.

How to Get More Views on eBay – FAQs

Are you looking for more tips on how to grow your online business on eBay? Here are some of the frequently asked questions and strategies to increase eBay sales.

What is considered a view on eBay?

Views refer to when a person who is interested in a specific product clicks on your eBay listing. This will lead them to your product page from eBay search results to find more information about that product such as the product description and high quality images.

Why are my eBay listings getting no views?

Low views or performance on your organic listings on eBay often come as a result of poor search engine optimization strategies. Finding a good product is not enough if your eBay buyers are unable to find you on the website.

If you want to become one of the successful eBay sellers, you need to study how SEO works and apply it to your eBay listings. Take note of the tips above in order to get more traffic and reach the top of the search results.

How do I increase selling on eBay?

Considering how many sellers are out there on eBay, there is a stiff level of competition in the market among eBay sellers. Make your eBay store stand out with the use of a solid eBay SEO strategy.

The algorithm for search engines are designed to match the search terms used by a buyer for finding a particular product with what is available in your store. If you get the eBay listings optimized, you can expect more views on eBay and more opportunities to get your product out there.

How many views on eBay listing is good?

Try to aim for as many views on eBay as possible! However, the goal is to get more traffic from potential buyers rather than customers who are not targeted. For example, getting 1,000 views on your eBay promoted listings is not enough if you only generate only 10 eBay sales. Instead, organic listings that are well-optimized with search engine optimization strategies can get you 150 views and make 100 sales out of those views.

Do more views help on eBay?

Yes, it is important to aim for as many views on your eBay stores as possible. This will increase the possibility that buyers find the product that they are looking for. However, the click-through rate is not enough and you need to focus on how to convert those viewers into eBay buyers.

How do I boost my eBay listing?

The promoted listings tool is available to all eBay sellers that want to skip the process of growing their organic listings and get to the top of search results. This method of increasing views to your listings is only viable for those who are already generating a steady stream of income from their eBay store. You can, however, set the maximum ad rate for your promoted listings so you can stick to your budget.

Conclusion – Increasing your Views on eBay

With competition rising, expect that it will become more challenging to increase your views and generate more traffic and sales on eBay. This means that you need to be more strategic when it comes to your eBay SEO campaign to survive the competition.

In addition to the five tips above, it is important that you also work on your customer service. Increasing views on eBay is just the first point of contact that a customer has with your eBay store. Make sure to focus on how the customer service is handled even when the customer is only inquiring about a particular product, or after they have successfully made the purchase. Generating more positive reviews from your customers will boost your seller account performance and get more views for your products in the long run.

It is also important to note that the algorithms are changing periodically. Make sure you adapt your strategies to generate more views to your eBay listings and convert them into more sales for your online business.