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Trending Products to Sell this Winter

Nahar Geva

21 Nov 2018


Ask any seller what their favorite time of the year is and you’ll only ever get one answer - winter!


Winter is packed with high-selling holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday which are huge opportunities to grow your store and make a handsome profit too


Naturally, most sellers will make more sales over the festive season than at any other time. But if you want a record month, you need to sell trending products too.


eBay rrending products are items that are in particular demand right now, and in the winter season there are lots of items that get much greater demand than at other times of the year.


In this article we’ll show you:


  • How you can think of top selling products in winter

  • What indicators you can check to know your product is trending

  • Our top 5 product ideas you can steal for your own store!


Reading this article but haven’t started selling on eBay? See our article on how to start selling on eBay.


How to think of trending product ideas for winter


If you’re the kind of person that scratches their head and struggles when it comes to thinking of product ideas, you’re in luck. We’ve come up with 4 simple questions you can answer to help you create your own shortlist of eBay trending items this winter. Go ahead and open a blank doc or get your pen and paper ready. Aim to create 5 answers to each of the following questions.


  1. What do you need when the weather is cold?


In most countries, winter means cold weather (and if you’re lucky, snow too!). So try to think about the kind of items people will need to deal with the cold. Here’s a couple of suggestions:


  • Warm clothing like scarves, hats, jackets, fur coats

  • Outdoor equipment like shovels, gritting salt or de-icer


2. What will make a good Christmas gift?


As Christmas is the biggest holiday event of the year, anything that could easily be given as a gift starts to trend in winter. When thinking of product ideas, it can be useful to split “good Christmas gifts” into the following 2 categories.


The first is the kind of gift that is so general you could give it to someone you don’t know that well but feel you should buy a gift for. Like a work colleague you don’t like, or a distant relative you haven’t seen in a decade.


For this you might think of items like a pair of socks or chocolate.


The second category of “good gifts” are low cost impulse buys with novelty value such as Christmas jumpers or stocking filler items.


3. What activities do people normally do around Christmas?


Imagine it’s Christmas day and then think...what would you be doing?


Would you be eating a Christmas turkey?

Would you be playing board games with your family?

Would you be unwrapping presents?


All of these activities require products!


Like, if you’re unwrapping presents, your trending product idea might be wrapping paper. Or if you’re eating a turkey, you might want to research the market for food thermometers.


4. What are add-on items for popular Christmas gifts?


In 2005, the iPod nano was the hottest selling gift for Christmas - absolutely everyone wanted to get their hands on one. And every year since, there’s always been a standout gadget.


So whilst you can’t manufacture your own iPod or Xbox, you can start to think of add-ons and accessories that people will want to buy to go with it.


Some ideas that might come to your mind include iPhone cases, Xbox controller covers or iPad keyboards.


How to check the demand of trending products


Here are the 2 main things you should check to see if you’ve found a killer winter product idea:


1. Does Google Trends show high demand in November/December?



Google Trends is a great tool for seeing what people are searching for, and how search activity changes over time.


When you type in a product, you’ll see a graph showing the search volume. You want to look for items where the demand is increasing, and where the demand is always highest in the winter.


Here’s an example of using Google Trends to search  for “wrapping paper”.





2. Does the sales data show the product has been selling well?


Most of the time if something is trending in Google’s search results, you’ll see increasing sales, but it’s always best to take a deeper look at the market.


You can use the product research tool that comes free with ZIK Analytics to analyze the demand for any of your trending product ideas. If you don’t have ZIK, you can sign up for a 7 days trial here.




Again, we did a search for “wrapping paper” and here’s some insights we found:


  • Back at the end of October, there were only 5 sales/day amongst the top 100 listings, but just 1 month later it’s shot up to 92 sales/day! An 18x increase!


  • The sell through rate of 855% shows us that every listing has on average got between 8-9 sales.


  • The top selling item for this search was actually for a “wrapping paper cutter” with 86 sales. This could be another great product idea. 



Our top 5 trending product ideas this winter


Want a little inspiration? We’ve found 5 top trending product ideas you can use to gain more sales on eBay this winter. When you’re done, make sure to also check our other article about the best things to sell on eBay.


#5 Touchscreen Gloves


Everywhere you go these days, people are faced down staring at their phones. And in winter when it gets chilly, people need a way to keep warm but stay addicted.


So at number 5 on our list of top trending products are touchscreen gloves.





Reasons you should consider selling this trending product:


  • 98% of listings have successfully sold showing there is huge untapped demand for this product and room for more people to enter the market.


  • Items like gloves can be sourced with different colors, patterns and styles giving you plenty of ways to bring something unique to the market and reap the rewards.


  • Sales are up between 2-4x what they were last month! With very high sale earnings in the niche. Whilst a lot of other trending products on eBay are related to “Christmas”, this item is a top selling product for winter in general.





#4 Christmas Rolling Pin


At number 4 on our list is the Christmas rolling pin! This is the perfect impulse gift for anyone for families and anyone that loves to cook.





Reasons you should consider selling this trending product:


  • It’s small, reasonably light and easy to ship


  • It has a low average price at around $10 which makes it a great impulse buy - whilst the top 100 listings have made nearly $20,000 in sale earnings in the last 30 days alone


  • On the 21st October, it was only selling 3 times/day but by 20th November that had skyrocketed to over 100 sales/day.





#3 Christmas Stockings


At number 3 on the list are Christmas stockings! No, not the type that ladies wear, but the ones that kids love to hang on their doors on Christmas.





Reasons you should consider selling this trending product:


  • The average product price is a little higher than other items at around $16 which makes it easier to add a bigger profit margin.


  • Sales are 10x higher than just 1 month ago and getting higher by the day! This is a heavily trending product on eBay.


  • It’s small, light and easy to ship worldwide.





#2 Christmas Sweaters


Christmas sweaters are becoming more and more popular every year, with people wearing them to Christmas parties, on dress-down days at work and on Christmas day itself. That’s why it’s no wonder it’s one of the top selling items on eBay, making it to number 2 on our list!





Reasons you should consider selling this trending product:


  • Like the touchscreen gloves, there are so many different patterns and designs you can source and people are likely to buy based on this rather than just the price. Find a good item and you can make a killing!


  • Demand is BOOMING - just take a look at the graph below to see how sales are now 100x higher than last month.


  • The sale earnings are over $40,000 in the last 30 days with some top selling listings already having over 500 sales! A huge opportunity.





#1 Christmas Pajamas


Drum roll please.


At number 1 on the list is….Christmas PJ’s!


And it’s definitely one of the best things to sell on eBay right now.





Reasons you should consider selling this trending product:


  • This item has a HUGE sell through rate of 13776%. In plain English, the top 100 listings are on average getting 138 sales each. This is the most of any item we’ve featured.


  • Every listing in the top 100 results has gained at least 9 sales so there is plenty of room for more sellers to enter this market.


  • Sales are 10x higher than 1 month ago and will only increase as Christmas approaches





Before you go, make sure to check out our other article about trending products on eBay and click the banner below to signup for a 7 daya trial of ZIK Analytics and find hundreds more top selling items on eBay yourself.




David Winner

21 Nov 2018

Thank you for great information!